In response to the current uncertainty, the application intake period has been extended indefinitely.  The selection committee has decided to focus their attention on the critical care needs of district hospitals, ambulance services, seniors care and food banks at this time.  These groups can rest assured we are committed to supporting their front line efforts as we ride out this storm.  We wish to thank those members of our community serving in the essential needs workforce who are facing the risk of exposure each and every day.
To those groups outside of the essential needs category, we realize this storm will pass and you will need the support now more than ever.  You also can rest assured our team is invested in helping you in the aftermath of this crisis.  We will revisit applications and reopen a future intake period once the uncertainty settles and restrictions relax.  Your understanding and patience is appreciated.
Identifying the gaps in our community and balancing allocations is our greatest challenge and most important responsibility.  Incidentally Frog’s Breath Foundation and Temiskaming Foundation have committed to working together to ensure the emergency services coverage is balanced and the base of our community is strong.
Our mandate is to support charities meet the needs of our Temiskaming communities.  Immediate priorities are to remain flexible and prepared to protect our first line responders, COVID-19 patients and those most vulnerable to this virus.  Provided funding has not been depleted, our future focus will be to bring our communities, individuals, families and children back together again.
For those of you not working in essential services, our group would like to thank you for staying home, practicing social distancing, washing your hands, respecting the restrictions on social gatherings, playdates and self isolation protocols.  Your efforts have made a meaningful difference in minimizing community spread across the district.
Warm wishes of health, safe play and goodwill to you and your families from all of us at Frog’s Breath Foundation.
Stay safe,
Bridget Grant