Grant Seekers

Application Deadline:  MARCH 31st, 2023

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  • Recipients of grants must be qualified donees under the Income Tax Act, essentially, registered charities or municipalities or government.
    • Must have a charitable registration number (ie. 123456789RR0001)
      • 123456789 – nine digit business number
      • RR – identifies the type of account as a registered charity
      • 0001 – program reference number
  • Grants will only be provided to organizations who support the communities within the District of Timiskaming as shown below.district of timiskaming
  • Funding must be used within one year of acceptance otherwise funds will be revoked and applicant must reapply for funding.
  • If a potential donee (i.e. community project) is not a registered charity, the Foundation may make a grant to a sponsor which is a registered charity or qualified donee provided:
    • The sponsor must have direct affiliation with the organization.
    • The sponsor must undertake financial and legal responsibility for the project.
      • For example, educational prizes or bursaries would be paid through the respective school in which the recipient is enrolled.

Funding Priorities

The Frog’s Breath Foundation prioritizes projects based on the following criteria:

  • Impact on Community
  • Timing
  • Cost
  • Other Money Raised
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership in Organization
  • Community Support
  • Share Our Vision
  • Recognition for Frog’s Breath
  • Volunteer Base

The following organizations or criteria do not meet our mandate:

  • Organizations that are not Canadian registered charities as set out by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • International and national charitable organizations
  • Political parties and candidates
  • Individual applicants
  • Schools for operating expenses
  • Debt-reduction campaigns
  • A source of funding start-up (Other funding programs must be considered or in place.)
  • On-going operating budgets

Application Details

Starting in 2016, the Selection Committee will review large and small applications once per year on March 30.  It is the responsibility of all applicants to ensure data represented in the application is current and relevant to the fund request.  At this time, small and large applicants use the same application form.  All donations are made to charitable organizations registered with Canada Revenue Agency.  Projects must be for the benefit of residents of the District of Timiskaming.

Large Donations – $10,000+


Small Donations – less than $10,000

Application Process Timelines

Expected timeframe for funding to be received from application deadlines.

We target one month from the application deadline to select our recipients.  Funds are typically available for disbursement at the application deadline.  The coordination and meeting of the Selection Committee is volunteer based and organized around our Directors employment and family commitments.  Much dialogue and due diligence is put into choosing recipients especially if there are a number of qualified applicants.

Applicant Notification 

Recipients will be notified by phone within a month of deadline.    You will also be given written notice of your selection with receipt of funds.  If at anytime you are on a limited financial timeline for funding, please notify our office and we will do the best we can to consider expediting your funds.

Unsuccessful applicants will receive written notice in the mail.  Please ensure any changes in your mailing address are updated at our office.