In 1998, I wanted to create a Foundation committed to the philosophy of giving back, giving back to the North.

I have a great passion, dedication and gratitude for the Communities of Northern Ontario. I believe that it is the communities in which we grew up, where we have moved, raised our families, and where we retired, that made us who we are. It is the collaboration of people, their diverse interests, cultures, and personalities that gives the North its strength, character, and purpose.

It is the tireless dedication of those working on the frontlines that make our communities a better place. Sometimes despite the hard work and dedication their goals can only be achieved with additional funding. The foundation focuses on contributing this funding support to applicants/organizations that have started raising money and building infrastructure. It is those applicants who have demonstrated their strong commitment and thereby ensure long-term success.

Giving back is how we keep the communities and their organizations sustainable and their visions alive, thriving for a better future for generations to come. The Mission of Frog’s Breath has been to do just that; supporting the causes that bring communities, individuals, families and children together. For they are the future and I encourage all of you to get involved and support the initiatives that benefit your community and the people who live there.

Peter J. Grant Sr.