How do I apply?

Visit the Grant Seekers page on this website to check if your project qualifies for funding.  If you feel your project meets eligibility guidelines continue on to read the grant guidelines for our partnership agreement.  Following these two steps, download our application form, fill out and send back to our office.  See Contact Us page for office address.

Who do I talk to if I need answers?

Please do not hesitate to contact our office by phone or email your Community Director for questions or support.  We believe in partnerships and working together to amplify our impact.

What options do I have for sending in my application?

At this time, we only have the ability to accept applications by mail, fax or email.

When should I send in my application?

We have one application deadline set for March 30.  You are welcome to submit an application anytime during the year but we only disburse funds during this one round.  Your application will be filed and kept for review by the Selection Committee for the following deadline after receipt.

How do I know if my organization has been selected?

You will be notified by phone by your Community Director within a month of deadline.  Thereafter, you will also be given written notice of selection with receipt of funds.  If your project is on a tight timeline, please notify our office and we will do the best we can to expedite your funds.